Inkala Manor

Inkala Manor is a charming meeting venue located near the historic Härkätie Oxen Road, on the shores of Lake Alajärvi, 12 km from the centre of Hämeenlinna. The historic setting and modern meeting technology offer a perfect combination for making good decisions. Local food prepared with love, and the relaxing steam of the smoke sauna complete the experience.

Inkala offers a wide range of solutions for meetings, team days, and sauna evenings. Would you enjoy the atmosphere of the manor house, and have your meeting in the large hall upstairs, or prefer the atmospheric Pakaritupa bakery which is over 200 years old? The manor can accommodate meetings of up to 40 people, and Pakaritupa is best suited for groups of around 10-20 people.

For total privacy, the Karhunpesä log house offers facilities surrounded by the forest but still close to the manor’s other services and the kitchen’s inviting food. Karhunpesä is suitable for meetings of up to 16 people.

Break-out activities in nature and in the forest

Relax in the natural peace of Inkala Manor! The manor is surrounded by forest, lakes, and nature trails. Take a moment to relax in the manor’s garden. Take a walk in the forest. Go on a rowing trip. Or take some time for yourself. Watch, listen, and become enchanted.

Our partners can organise other activities such as canoeing, sports and excursions on request. There are also many interesting places to visit nearby.

From the smoke sauna into the lake and back

Inkala Manor’s most popular places in the evening are, of course, the beach and smoke saunas. Two saunas, a lounge, and a large terrace. Soft sauna heat and a hot tub. The beach at Lake Alajärvi and a barbecue. A refreshing dip in the lake, or a relaxing moment in the hot tub. A lake view from a covered terrace. A sauna lounge with a fireplace. This is all you need!

A thousand or just one night

Cottage on the edge of the forest. Log house for a larger group. Grandmother’s cosy room with roommates. Everything is possible for Inkala Manor’s guests, and we also have many other comfortable, functional rooms to stay at. Inkala Manor is optimal for meeting groups of about 25 people.

  • Karhunpesä accommodates 4-12 people
  • Pakaritupa accommodates 3-5 people
  • Omenankukka semi-detached house accommodates 2-4 people
  • Merikarhu house accommodates 5-10 people


Contact details:

Leila Ylitalo +358 500 767 150

Inkala Manor 


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