Evo Peace

Evo Peace is a unique private complex of seven hectares of land and three villas in the Evo wilderness area in Hämeenlinna, 50-150 km from Southern Finland’s main cities. Evo Peace is a unique hideaway renovated from a former Wildlife Research Station to a year-round tourism and meeting facility, in the middle of nature, by a mystical forest lake. The site was renovated in the autumn of 2019.

Evo Peace offers exceptional privacy by a wilderness lake, with all modern conveniences, all year round. Evo Peace is suitable for 20-100 people, year-round, for events where peace and privacy are important. The Evo Peace complex includes the imposing Evo Grand Villa, and the compact and comfortable Evo Lakeside Villa and Evo Hunt House. We also hire the Lakeside Villa and the Hunt House complex under the name Evon Twin. The surroundings are just as suitable for corporate meetings and seminars as for private parties, events, and other celebrations, not forgetting relaxing and peaceful holidays!

The Evo hiking area in Hämeenlinna is Southern Finland’s hidden gem where natural peace and privacy intertwine with versatile accommodation and comprehensive additional services. Peace & Privacy’s five accommodation and meeting properties in the heart of the area form an entity that enables you to hire ‘all of Evo’ for private multi-day events for 50-100 people. In total privacy, with all amenities, all year round!


Contact details:

Peace & Privacy / Evon Luonto +358 20 730 0888

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Evon Rauhan tarjoaa yksityisyyttä lähes erämaamaastossa, kuitenkin lähellä Etelä-Suomen kasvukeskuksia. Evon Rauhan päärakennus. Evon Rauhan päärakennus tarjoaa erilaisia työskentelytiloja. Viihdy ja rentoudu Evolla.