Aulanko Peace

Aulanko Peace is a wilderness-inspired complex of four accommodation facilities in Hämeenlinna’s Aulanko Nature Reserve. At its heart is the large Aulanko Grand Villa that can host up to 100 guests for meetings and parties.

Aulanko Peace, which can accommodate up to 70 people, is not located in remote wilderness, but in Finland’s centre of population some 100 kilometres from Southern Finland’s largest cities. Located within a renovated former holiday village, Aulanko Peace’s four multi-purpose villas: Aulanko Lake Villa, Aulanko Grand Villa, Aulanko Lakeside, and Aulanko Lake Hide-out provide a whole new experience ideal for both corporate and private events. For larger groups, we also rent the Aulanko Lakeside and Aulanko Lake Hide-out complex under the name Aulanko Lake Trio.

Aulanko Peace complements the accommodation facilities of Hämeenlinna and Aulanko, and at the same time, our customers benefit from the existing services at Aulanko. The spa, woodland park, Sibelius Forest nature reserve, the fabulous viewing tower, golf courses, riding stables, hiking trails around Lake Aulangonjärvi, and many other services are all nearby.

Contact details:
Peace & Privacy / Evon Luonto +358 20 730 0888

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Aulangon Rauha muodostuu neljästä eri huvilakokonaisuudesta, josta tässä Rantahuvila. Aulangon Suuri Huvila tarjoaa puitteet myös isommille tilaisuuksille. Tilat voit vuokrata omatoimiseen käyttöön, halutessasi palvelut saatavilla erillishintaan. Suuren Huvilan pelisali tarjoaa mukavaa tekemistä kokouksen oheen.